What social media platforms are right for you

It can get very confusing trying to keep up with every single social media channel. As someone who has to manage a lot of social media channels for myself and my clients I’m always careful about what networking platforms I spend my time on.

Understanding the trends will also help you calculate the lifespan of a social network for your brand. Keep an eye out on stats and news about the networks so you do not get caught up in wasting time managing a network that end up dying out.

As a rule of thumb you shouldn’t try to manage more than 4 networks at a time for a brand. You will need to figure out which social media platforms are right for your brand. Depending on your niche you will have to run your campaigns to match the personality of the brand. If you are a more picture oriented like the fashion or beauty niche you will consider social media platforms such as Instagram of your top priority as it’s a purely picture sharing app etc.

These are the top 10 most popular social media networks:

  1. Facebook – Biggest social media platform in the world. Everyone should be on Facebook in my opinion.
  2. Instagram – Great for brands with products pictures and visuals.
  3. Youtube – If your brand is able to create videos Youtube is perfect.
  4. Snapchat – Fantastic for quick updates of what’s new.
  5. Linkedin – Great for more corporate businesses.
  6. Google+ – Links and sharing content is what this social network is best used for.
  7. Twitter – Text, image and links orientated. Great for customer support and link sharing.
  8. Pinterest – Picture and link orientated, great for retail and bloggers.
  9. Tumblr – Picture orientated, great for younger audience.
  10. Reddit – Text and link orientated great for tech and business brands.