Is it really necessary to post every single day?

The short answer to this question is yes, this is important for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons it’s important to post every single day or at least consistently is it will help you to remain on top of people’s feeds daily. As older posts get pushed down the social media feed it is beneficial to post everyday or even multiple times a day if possible. Some of the biggest bloggers post between 1-6 posts a day. I know a lot of people say when they post too much they start to lose followers. But if that begins to happen this is probably because the quality of your images is not as great as it could be or the content you are posting is not versatile enough to capture and hold attention.

Another important reason for posting everyday includes providing fresh content for your audience to look forward to all the time. This is particularly important as people will begin to hold you in their memory and come to your social media channels as they now expect for new content to be uploaded daily. Is you are not consistent with your uploads you will lose people’s interested and eventually lose followers.

When you are uploading content on a consistent basis you are essentially creating to steady flow of traffic to your feed or a regular basis that is great for real organic and viral growth. To create constant traffic to your social media account simply begin posting content that includes hashtags and tag your location for maximum exposure. Feel free to tag your own account into your posts so people who do not follow can begin to follow you.

Posting consistently presents you to your audience as a consistent and trustworthy personality that can recommend things to them that are genuine. You need to build up credibility with your audience in this way to really be able to influence consumer decisions with what products they buy.