How To Improve Your Instagram Algorithm with the Removal of Ghost Followers

So for the last few months my Instagram account hasn’t been doing as well as I have hoped. I tried all the typical things that are advised to do like; take better pictures, use hashtags, interact with others etc. All thought it did help slightly it was very labor intensive with minimal results.  

As I’ve had my Instagram account for over 4 years I have accumulated a following of over 20,000. The problem is this following was in need of a desperate purge. For the algorithm to work it’s magic on your posts it needs to understand what niche you are in and with random accounts following you this appears to the algorithm as if your account is a spam account.  

Because of this I have done a follower purge to my own Instagram account and have seen amazing results within a week of the clear out. I removed about 1,400 accounts from following me, this was done manually so I could pick and choose which accounts I will allow to follow me. The accounts that I was looking for to get rid of were mostly advertising accounts, foreign shops, mens accounts and spam accounts in general.

After the purge of followers the algorithm will need a week or so to re-calibrate to who the post will be shown to first from now on. In the week after the follower purge I could see dramatic results to my posts, they had more than doubled in reach and impressions.

A follower purge is a very bold move for fixing your reach but the right one if you want to take blogging seriously and gain a real authentic audience. You will also need to monitor who follows you from now on and any accounts that do not fit your niche you will need to be removed regularly for the algorithm to favor your account.

Please let me know if you would like any advise or info on how to perform a follower purge. I will be happy to help.