How To Find Your Target Audience

The internet makes it more easier and cheaper than ever to find the exact audience you want whether it’s for your content or your business. 56.1% of the world has access to the internet which means that your target market (however niche it is) is online waiting to see your content.

Here’s how to find your target market:

Profile your target market. If you have ever worked in branding you would know about a great exercise that helps you narrow down exactly the type of audience you are looking for. The way this branding exercise works is by literally designing your 3 ideal clients/audiences.

What does your ideal target look like? Find 3 images to represent three different types of audience that might be interested in what you have to offer.

What are the names of your three targets and how old are they? Give your targets appropriate names and ages.

Where do your targets work and how much is their income? Narrow down where your targets might work and how much annual income they would get.

Where do your targets hangout and what are their interests? Narrow down a set of interests and hobbies for each of your targets. Further make a list of places they might visit on a regular basis.

After you have done this exercise you should be left with a very specific target market profile of three ideal individuals that would be interested in what you have to offer. The next step is to find those examples of individuals online.

What kind of content would your target market consume online? Research on where your target will mostly spend their time online. What social media platform will they be engaged with the most? Could you find them on forums, Linkedin or are they more

Casual browsers? Are they the type of person to comment on Youtube videos?

Communicate with your target market in the online platforms were they are most likely to be found. Think about their wants and needs and use authentic content to present your message to them.