Benefits of Facebook Groups

I wanted to discuss today a very specific way of connecting with your audience and turning them into engaged members through a Facebook group. Unlike Facebook pages, groups can be grown completely organically without ads and I believe this is truly the best way. I bet you are wondering what makes Facebook groups so unique. Well my answer is simple, Facebook groups create a community for your customers and audience which enable you to talk to them in real time like a live chatroom. Groups work differently compared to Facebook pages and for those reasons it is more beneficial as you will not be forced into paying for ads. You will be able to directly add members into your group from your friends list with the option of allowing members to post in the group. So once your group is set up it is able to run by itself with the simple contribution of a few members.

Having grown a number of income generating Influencer groups on Facebook which are full of quality target specific members who are fully engaged and want to be a part of that specific online community.

These days it’s hard to get direct organic traffic to your website so why not go where all the people are and that is Facebook. The real difference of Facebook Groups is the sense of community they create. The idea that members contribute to make the group is important for any marketing team to have access to for their brand/business.